Happy Ending

I am not alone. I ask for Help.

I am a little piece of the Source…in this body, with this personality, with my past.

I am enough. I am loved as I am.

I am what I am. I love myself as a human being filled with Divine Substance.

I forgive myself. I forgive others.

I love human beings.

I am asked and moved to share my hope. I say – yes! it only takes one, it only takes me.


Tell them that it is possible to enjoy a peaceful, happy life as an adult.

Tell them, as adults, it is our responsibility to love ourselves.

God/dess eternally creates new in us.

Tell them to let go of their version of how life was supposed to turn out, while maintaining

their vision of what they’ve always known to be possible.

There is a world of  God/dess within all form.

How I have grown, you can grow too.

There is no need to worry anymore.



First, I survived.

Now, I thrive.

much work

much courage

much grace

much more


I am a happy ending.