A Prayer

The Power of Prayer


I have a picture on the wall of my dining room of Eric and Jenn, a couple who are dear to me. Often, when I walk by it, I find myself smiling at them as if they’re right there with me. And then I move on. For that one brief moment, I feel the love in my heart for them and they are blessed by it. That’s a prayer.

When I call for support, I reach out to another to join me in holding someone in the highest possibility of their good. Together we express our caring and see the fulfillment of the needs complete. That’s a prayer.

Prayer is a consciousness or a chosen way of experiencing life. Prayer can be expressed through thought, words or actions. As we connect with Spirit, our inner nature is transformed and we are blessed by grace. Aligning our choices according to spiritual laws, allows us to live life as a prayer. Making a difference matters not whether we’re gardening, paying bills, or writing a poem about peace. They are all prayers.

If a child asked me what is a prayer, I would reply, “It’s a way of saying ‘Hi’ from your heart to someone you love or to someone who loves you very much. It feels good inside you and you know you’re not alone.” That’s a prayer.

As a chaplain,  I have the opportunity to hold the space to remember that God is in charge and is within you or whoever we’re praying for. I join with you in my prayer consciousness and see everyone involved being connected to and guided by Source for their highest good. That’s a prayer.

All prayers are needed. All prayers count. Please pray.